2022 2nd International Conference on Neural Networks, Information and Communication Engineering(NNICE 2022)
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 Call for Papers: 

Neural Networks

Robot control

Optimal combination

Knowledge engineering

artificial intelligence

Logic programming

Human-computer interaction

Deep learning

Signal processing

Information extraction

Natural language inference

Signal and information processing

Information management and integration

Real-time signal processing and application

DSP application

Image transmission and processing

Optical fiber sensing and weak signal detection

Special signal processing

FPGA applications

Public Information Management and Security

Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement of power equipment

Communication and Information System

Information theory,

Coding theory,

Communication network theory and technology,

Multimedia Communication Theory and Technology

Digital signal processing,

Digital image processing,

Pattern recognition,

Computer vision,

Electronic and communication system design automation

Nonlinear control theory,

Industrial monitoring system design

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Information transfer

Information exchange

Information processing

Signal Detection

Integrated circuit design and manufacturing,

Electronic Component

Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics

Electromagnetic field and microwave technology

Instrumentation Technology

Computer Engineering and Applications

Integrated Circuit Engineering

System-on-chip design

Model algorithm

Circuit design

Model algorithm

Circuit simulation

High performance computing